Case Study

Porsche Centre Upper Lake Zurich WERK8 Case Study

Porsche Centre Upper Lake Zurich


Philipp Jutz

Porsche Centre Upper Lake Zurich is a recently established franchise main dealer selling and servicing new and used Porsche. 

Since the earliest days Philipp and the team have been invaluable research partners for WERK8. They have provided us with a unique perspective - what are the pain points experienced by a brand new facility, equipped with the highest quality tools and with a strong ambition to serve customers at the highest level?

We were able to experience life through the lens of their technicians, service managers, customer support team and Managing Director. We fed these learning directly into WERK8. 

We jointly designed the mechanics app to help mechanics work undisturbed in their workspace. We created the two way digital chat feature to make customer communications fast and convenient. And we created the productivity view so that everyone could instantly see how efficiently (and therefore how profitably) the garage is working.

We aim to give every garage better than OEM quality tools, and could not have achieved this without the generous help of Philipp and the team at Porsche Centre Upper Lake Zurich.

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