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WERK8 More revenue

Most people think garages are in the business of fixing cars. But that’s not accurate. Fixing cars is what garages do. But the business is charging a margin for the mechanic's time and expertise and for fitting the right parts.

It’s an important distinction. Charging accurately for time is how you make money. There’s no point giving your team the tools to work efficiently if you don’t charge customers for that time.

Which is especially tough in a world experiencing labour shortages, inflationary pressures on wages and disrupted parts supplies.

How do you win against these headwinds? By raising productivity and charging accurately.

Our customers can:

  • Record working time accurately
  • Charge accurately
  • Use quote approvals, messages and photos to explain why the right amount of time has been charged
  • Use automatically calculated invoices to reduce errors and increase speed
  • Get paid before they pay suppliers
  • Keep accurate control of finances by integrating to accounting systems

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