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WERK8 More productivity

By working efficiently you make more money without raising costs. Our research shows that there are two big issues that prevent garages from doing this:

1. Measuring spare capacity accurately

If you can measure your spare capacity, you can put it to work. The only way to do this is by using an accurate calendar.

The litmus test is whether - at any time - you can accurately say how many minutes of spare capacity you have and then reschedule jobs in less than five seconds to maximise productivity.

2. Removing distractions

Are you making money right now? If your mechanics have their gloves on and are working directly on a vehicle, you might be making money. If not, you’re almost certainly not making money.

Our research uncovered a wide range of constant distractions that hurt productivity and irritate your team. Printing out fitting instructions. Walking to the office to record working time. Writing notes on a job card. Letting you know they need another part for the job. Finding information to diagnose a problem. Getting a part from a supplier.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The WERK8 Mechanics App helps your team work undisturbed. They can dictate notes without typing. Without leaving their workspace, they can record working time, take pictures of the work done, see fitting instructions, add parts to the job from inventory, and see the service history of the vehicle.

What surprised us is how these two things are ignored by existing garage software, which focuses on the office, not the workshop. No one wants an inefficient office, but money is made in the workshop, not the office.

We’ve seen brand new and well equipped main dealers with the most expensive kit who can still increase revenue by 50% by getting these two things right.

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