Create trust

WERK8 Create trust

Our research shows that customers will pay a premium to deal with a trustworthy and reliable garage.

Trust. It takes a long time to build. And can be lost forever in a second.

How do you create trust? By doing exactly what you said, when you said, every time.

That’s hard to do if you have to keep everything in your head. We built two way digital messaging so you can see every message, every quote accepted and rejected, exactly what was included and not included, and every preference of every customer - all of the time.

Surprise customers by showing them you remember everything they ever asked of you. You can see every message that has ever been sent. Show the work you did by sending photos and videos. If a customer doesn’t want to pay, show them the message they sent you approving the work.

The added bonus is that you can work undisturbed too. You never need to wait for a returned call. Never miss a message again. Free of context switching, you can get more done and enjoy work more.

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