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JH Fahrbrik WERK8 Case Study

JH Fahrbrik


Jan Heiz

Jan was a senior technician for a large multi-branded garage franchise until he set up on his own business.

“In a garage, you earn money in the workshop, not in the office. DMS management systems make the administrative work much easier. However, the systems I knew were all too complex and expensive. I received a tip from a former vocational school colleague.”

The advantage of WERK8: It is not a complicated and expensive DMS system, but an innovative application. All common functions such as customer administration, vehicle master, parts management, offers, invoices and accounting as well as planning, calendar and communication are covered.

Jan always has the office with him on his smartphone and can use it from anywhere thanks to the cloud connection.

For example, he can record orders, take and upload photos of damage, create offers and have the customer confirm them by SMS or email, order spare parts from the leading spare parts suppliers, assign the work to the order and finally put together the invoice.

“WERK8 is really clear and easy to use. A highlight is that I can send the customer the final invoice online before he picks up the car. So he can transfer the amount to me immediately via Twint or credit card,” explains the young entrepreneur. Of course, the mandatory Swiss QR bill is also integrated.

Here is the full interview with Jan:

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