Case Study

Garage Wyden AG WERK8 Case Study

Garage Wyden AG


Michael Wyden

We have been using WERK8's DMS exclusively since December 2022. 

WERK8 doesn't feel like a programme but like an app. Everything can be realised intuitively with drag and drop. 

The connection to the major spare parts suppliers (Derendinger / Technomag, ESA and Hostettler) and the integration of standard times via Haynes Pro simplify day-to-day business immensely. 

The accounting is realised via Bexio. The integration is extremely simple and works smoothly. 

The integration of BOB Finance for offering instalment payments is another big plus. The instalment payment option is integrated directly into the digital invoice. 

In my opinion, there is currently no better tool for running a small to medium-sized workshop, and the price is unbeatable!

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