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Everything M3s WERK8 Case Study

Everything M3s


Darragh Doyle

I run a small business which is rapidly expanding with customers all over the world. Our engineering skills have always been of the highest order, but the administration side of the business is something I used to dread! During workshop hours, we are always pretty busy, fixing cars, ordering parts and dealing with customers and the reality is that paperwork used to only get done at the end of the day.

Now with WERK8, the guys can easily input the work they are doing, order parts and liaise with customers whilst they are working on the cars. This has resulted in dramatic improvements in our workshop productivity.

Apart from helping the business make money, WERK8 has improved our capability to professionally communicate with customers on the job, turn quotes into invoices at the click of a button and automatically update our accounting processes.

Paperwork used to be my nightmare every evening, now using WERK8 to manage jobs, all admin functions of the business are managed in real time and quite simply our workshop is now more productive!

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