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Vehicle Identification

Identify the exact vehicle and parts quickly and accurately

Create the most accurate search
Enter the vehicle details: License Plate, VIN, Type Approval Code (or Type Certificate, License Plate, National Code, KBA, etc.). Combining multiple search terms results in greater accuracy.

Identify the right vehicle quickly and precisely
Use our integrated vehicle tree with manufacturers, models and years to find the right vehicle quickly and precisely.

Seamless connection for ordering parts
Access market leading parts supplier catalogues. Search catalogues without having to re-enter vehicle information.

Import parts and schedule jobs using planned duration

Seamlessly import parts and times
Once you have filled your basket with parts and identified timings, import these directly into WERK8. They appear in the job details and are automatically loaded in the mechanics app.

Professional offers with your branding at a click
Once parts and times are loaded, you can create professional quotes with one click and share them digitally with your customers.

Use accurate times and schedule with drag and drop
Use the imported job durations with the times already loaded to control scheduling. Click Schedule Order and drag and drop the order to your calendar.

Import spare parts

Repair Guides & Time

Import repair instructions and track labor time accurately

Your mechanics see the repair instructions immediately in their app
Download the repair guide and import it into WERK8. These appear immediately on the job in the mechanics app. No printing. No paper. No wasted time.

Track progress
Compare how long a job takes against the expected duration. See total time and all pauses.

See the difference between expected and actual duration
When the job completes you are notified of the difference between expected and actual duration.

Keep everything up to date with instant exports

Define your data range
Use the date picker to define your accounts data export. Specify a custom date range, or choose from convenient options: last month and last 7 days.

Choose the package you want to export to
Regardless of which accounting system you use, you can export your data quickly and accurately. Direct export to QuickBooks, Xero and Sage. Or create your own custom export file.

Instant exports 
Set the date range. Choose the output file. Click Export. And you are done. No need to pay an accountant to type in the details of every invoice.

Accounting Packages

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