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Fix cars.
Impress customers.
Make money.

The garage app that's as easy as a wrench.

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Fix cars.
Impress customers.
Make money.

The garage app - as easy as a wrench


Our Customers.

Trusted by garages just like you. See why our customers love WERK8.


Fix Cars.

Diagnose Faster

Everything your team need at their fingertips: Complete Vehicle details including the history of all previous work, parts fitted and photos showing vehicle condition.

Win More Work

Lightening fast quotes. Get offers for parts in seconds. Quote without typing. Or adding up. Send digitally. Record all Quote approvals. If declined, see why. Just update and resend. When the customer accepts, order the parts in seconds. Drag and drop to schedule.

Get More Work Done

Accurately track time. Measure productivity. Predict upcoming productivity. Drag and drop to schedule for the exact time the job takes. See your spare capacity accurately. Radar warns you of scheduling conflicts in advance (for example, if a part is not in stock).

Impress Customers.

Pro Grade Communications

Every communication, digital and analogue, looks great and is highly professional. All quotes and invoices show your logo, opening hours, address, and payment information.

Respond Quickly and Accurately

Be the easiest garage to deal with. Two way digital messaging built in. Communicate how your customer wants you to with no disruption to your work. History of all messages so you show customers you forget nothing. Notifications mean you never miss a message.

Show What You Did

Help customers understand your work. Include photos in invoices to show what you did. Deliver within their budget. Need to invoice part of a job to a manufacturer, insurer or warranty provider? Just add a payer and tick what they pay for.


Make Money.


Spend Less.

On Accountants

Use software to do what you pay people to do now: work out which invoices have been paid, chase the unpaid invoices automatically, and make sure you‘re on top of your finances.

On Software

Use the best software at the best price. WERK8 costs less than half of any equivalent product. Want to transfer over your customers and vehicle information from your current system? Send us a message and we‘ll help you.

On Paper, Ink, Printers and Postage

Now you’re using two way digital messaging, you need far less paper, ink, printers and snail mail. Recoup all of the costs and inconvenience, not to mention the time you save.


Enterprise Grade Data Security

We Keep Your Data Safe .


We protect your data with encryption in transit and at rest. We provide password controls to give you strong protection. We subject WERK8 to independent cyber penetration testing.


WERK8 is designed for high performance and reliability. WERK8 is built on best in class core technologies like Azure. We maintain high availability so your business can grow confidently.


We protect your data and your customers’ data. We invest in maintaining compliance with privacy regulations. We incorporate features that help you to demonstrate compliance.

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