Keep Your Data Secure

We Protect Your Data

Isolation of Your Data

No other workshop or company can see your data.

Posting clear, binding terms that govern how we use data

If we ever change these terms, we need your consent first.

Secure storage

We protect your data with encryption in transit and at rest, and provide you with strong protection through password controls.

Conducting independent cyber penetration tests at WERK8

We use the same security and reliability infrastructure used by the world's largest companies. We subject this to independent testing.

Maintaining high levels of performance and availability

You can count on WERK8 and keep your focus on your business. We built WERK8 on best in class core technologies, such as Microsoft Azure, so that your garage can grow confidently and securely.

Committed to protecting your privacy and that of your customers

We support you to meet your data privacy obligations. We invest in maintaining compliance with legislation like GDPR and CCPA. We incorporate features in WERK8 that enable you to demonstrate compliance.

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